How To Prepare for JEE Advanced after Main?

How to prepare for JEE advanced after Main

After writing the JEE Main exam, take a rest of a day or two. Clear your mind. You have done a very great thing. Treat yourself! Do not think about how you did the examination. You would have given it you’re all. Then comes your preparation for JEE Advanced.

  • Take tests every single day. JEE Advanced is not an easy exam. It is not on par with the Main exam. It is way tougher than any exam you will have attempted. So, assuming that you had studied extremely well for the Main, you would have to give it you’re all for the JEE Advanced as well. Take tests, assess yourself daily. Know where you stand in terms of the marks scored, time is taken, and where you find it easy to apply the concepts. Stick to taking chapter-wise tests at first. Then move on to 2 chapters at a time. This way, you will get the hang of the exam.
  • Revise the syllabus in 1 week. Since you would have already prepared for Main, do not take a break of more than 2 days. No more rest and you will forget the pace of the hard work and commitment you had put in to study for Main. For JEE Advanced, prioritize revising the entire syllabus in a few days. Revise, get to know all the concepts so thoroughly that it would be on the tips of your fingertips.
  • Study the concepts deeply: Most of the questions in JEE Advanced requires you to have a solid grasp of the concepts. The questions employ multiple concepts. So be well prepared to answer such questions wherein you have to apply multiple concepts to answer. Do not skip any concepts. You may never know it, but it may result in the loss of an entire question if you skip a concept.
  • Revise with like-minded friends. This is ultimately helpful if they can help you out to understand how to apply multiple concepts. Spend the time with them wisely. Help them and have them help you. This will ultimately be beneficial for all of you.
  • Do not allow distractions to take hold: This must not be said, but still, I’m telling. Do not distract yourself from anything: no social media, no movies, no series, no nothing. Completely dedicate yourself, and you will crack JEE Advanced.
  • Keep a check on your mental health: Do not, for whatever reason, neglect your mental health. You need to perform well. Get enough sleep, eat healthily. Make sure to relax and calm your mind.

Follow this and you will be prepared to face the JEE Advanced Exam. Have faith in yourself and give it your best and you will surely succeed. Good luck!!