Taking a test the night before will not guarantee a perfect score. An effective preparation plan, a strategy, and hard work can help you ace your board exams. 

In a country where millions of students register for admission exams every year, each investing three to four years of time, effort, and sweat into preparation, competition takes its toll. Studying the night before an exam will not result in a perfect score. A proper preparation plan, strategy, determination, and hard work can help you ace your board examinations. 

Here are some tips from toppers on how to get a perfect tenth grade score:


1. Solving Past Year Papers-

Oftentimes, the same questions get asked, thus it is always a good idea to solve past years’ question papers. While doing so, keep track of repeat questions and practice them numerous times because they will very certainly be asked again. This is a tip that every topper would give you.

2. Revision-

Toppers take revision very seriously! Make sure that you have enough time to go over everything you have learned. Cramming at the last minute can be futile. Review each subject as you go, making sure you fully comprehend it. Start your preparation early so that you have ample time left for revision.

3. Avoiding Long Study Hours-

Most toppers stress the benefits of studying for short hours of time with breaks in between. Studying for long hours reduces efficiency, makes you feel tired and reduces productivity. This is an important tip to consider. You can instead break your daily study goals into small parts and follow this routine regularly.

4. Setting daily goals-

Setting daily goals is very important in order to achieve your main big goal. Divide this big goal into daily, smaller goals and make sure to complete them religiously. This will reduce your burden and that unachievable goal will seem slightly more achievable.

5. Discipline-

Discipline is what distinguishes toppers from other students. This is the ultimate attribute to have if you want to succeed in life. Toppers follow a daily routine without getting distracted. If you want to be a topper, make sure you stick to the routine you created without getting lazy.

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