Many college students don’t have time to maintain their personal health and fitness in between exams, and an active social life. Here is how to do it!

It might be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at university. The classic student blows all of his or her money on nights out and eats cold beans straight from the can. How do you stay healthy while also being a uni student in a world where Freshman 15 is a disease?

A healthy lifestyle is more than just eating salads and fruit; it also involves regular exercise and, most importantly, mental health maintenance. A healthy lifestyle is essential because it keeps you energized, helps you to perform to your full potential, and enhances your mental health.

Tips On Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Here are a few tips that will help you live a significantly healthier lifestyle while still being a uni student:

1. Getting Proper Sleep-

Even if college students aren’t known for their early to bed, early to rise lifestyle, sleep is a crucial part of staying healthy. A short nap during the day can help you feel more energized and more productive. Keep your work and sleeping areas separate to avoid sleeplessness.

Get a full night’s sleep whenever possible. While everyone’s needs vary, most people need 7-9 hours of sleep to feel fully rested. While you may not be able to get a full night’s sleep every night, make an effort to do so whenever possible.

2. Exercise-

Try to exercise for 30 minutes, preferably in 10-minute walks, three times per week.  If you find a physical activity that you enjoy, exercise will be more enjoyable and something you’ll look forward to, while also helping your overall health.  So try something new or explore something that has long caught your attention.

3. Check Up On Your Mental Health-

Students often experience high levels of stress during college due to the pressure to earn good grades and be competitive in the work environment after graduation. There is evidence that chronic stress negatively impacts health, as well as hormones that control appetite, desires, and metabolism.

Whenever possible, incorporate stress-reduction techniques into your daily activities (write them down in your daily planner along with food and exercise, if that helps).

4. Avoid Pulling All-Nighters-

It’s alright to stay up late every now and again to finish an assignment, but pulling ‘all-nighters’ on a regular basis is not a smart idea. Staying up late not only makes you more stressed, but you’ll also notice that you are less productive when you are tired and rushing to meet a deadline.

If you want to avoid a last-minute rush, keep track of due dates and start assignments two weeks before they are due.

5. Do Not Indulge Substance Abuse-

Substance abuse is common among young adults these days and uni students are the first victims of it. Make sure to avoid alcohol or drug consumption if you want to live a healthy and safe lifestyle. Keep away from bad company and focus on studies and healthy relationships.

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