Science or Commerce – Which is the better option?

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Science or commerce

This is one of the prevalent questions which haunt many students. Should they choose Science or Commerce? The simple answer any person would give is, choose according to your interests.

By the time the student comes to their 10th, they will have a sound idea of what they like and what they don’t. You may like social sciences more than mathematics. For some reason, you don’t like to see numbers all day; history makes you feel excited and energetic. Or, you would like geography, seeing the contours and hills and you may find these things beautiful. On the other hand, you may be a physics enthusiast interested in the workings of the world. Well, after your 10th, you have to make up your mind and choose the right choice.

So to make the right choice, you must ask the right questions. Here are a few things that may help you solidify your choice.
  1. What do I want to be? Ask yourself this question and think about it. Do you want to be a teacher, an entrepreneur, a scientist, a pilot? What do you want to be? Don’t be peer pressured into taking things you don’t like. If you have something unique in mind, say, a Watch Maker, follow it. Always follow things that excite you and interest you. Do not choose a profession or a setting where you do not feel comfortable. If you want to be a soldier, then take science and enlist after your 12th. Or take the NDA Exam and become a soldier. If you want to be a fitness expert, do it. You need to know that you should not take a profession because it yields a lot of money. Many people choose commerce thinking that it will make them a lot of money. That is a blatantly false misdirection on their part. Yes, working in Commerce does yield a fat paycheck, but that paycheck only goes to those who work for it day and night and those who are passionate about the work they do. If you choose a path awaiting that juicy paycheck but fail to find passion in what you are doing, then you will regret that for the better part of your life. Hence, ask the question, What do I want to be? And depending on the answer, choose your path.
  2. Know what you should do for your career. For some career paths, there will be some prerequisites. For example, if you want to be a pilot, you have to study science in your 11th and 12th, like that there are prerequisites on what you must have to go on your career path.
  3. Do not give in to peer pressure. You may want to be a student studying history. But your parents want you to be an engineer or a doctor. Do not give in to their pressure. Stick to what you feel is right. They might get happiness if you were what they wanted you to be. But, your happiness and peace in life are determined by what you love to do and not what they love. This is the harsh truth. Many students are forced into taking engineering, and after graduation, they feel that they are missing out on something. They have willingly shattered their dreams just to appease their peers. Do not give up on your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. Those are your dreams, not anyone else’s.
  4. Decide and cement on your decision: After you make your decision, regardless of what it might be, it might be a unique path or the regular path chosen by many, cement your decision. Do not regret it afterward.

Do not ever regret having chosen a path. Once you are in it there are a few chances for you to change your career, it all depends on you and how you can introspect yourself and see what is the best for you.

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