Memory Retention – Best tips to get it sharp

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Memory Retention

After you are done studying, the ability to retain and recall is one which you should master. This is called memory retention. This ensures that whatever you have studied remains fresh in your mind. Many people, once they have studied, will completely relax and then after they try to recall and to their horror, they won’t be able to remember most of it. This is a major problem faced by a lot of students.

So, what should you be doing to get your retention right?

  • Invest time in taking down notes. Half the battle is won when you take down notes as you are reading. This way, your retention is based on muscle memory. You can exactly remember how to go forward after you remember just a single word or sentence or a phrase. This way, those who take down notes tend to perform way better than those who do not.
  • Immediately after finishing the studying of a particular topic, try to summarize and write down everything you have learned and remember. This way, you can find out any holes in the summary and fill it. So, in a sitting instead of reading the thing once, you read it twice and thus you will have twice the retention than otherwise.

When you take down notes or summarize, your ability to retain will be up by 20%. Along with this, in the contemporary setting, you should not only have the ability to take down notes but also your updated skills. They include everything from soft skills, the way you present your work and projects all the up to your skills in using various different applications.

These help you to properly manage your notes and you can increase your memory retention by designing creative flowcharts, which aid in your visual memory.

Try innovative skills like watching videos related to the topic to learn better. In this contemporary world, every student’s needs are taken care of. No one is left behind. Work properly and you will excel in your field.

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