How to manage Jee Main/Advanced Stress?

How to manage stress during your preparation for JEE Mains/Advanced? What is the best solution for stress management? Read more to find out.

When preparing for the IIT JEE exam, students constantly face a huge hurdle every single day with every single topic they study. It is a constant uphill battle till they get the results. Such a situation is comparable to people working 10 hours a day. It is bound to cause stress. Hence, stress management is essential for the proper mental stability of an aspiring IIT JEE student. Many have given in to stress and failed to clear the exam. This topic of stress management in students must be taken very seriously. There are various counselors and therapists that will advice on how to manage stress. Here are a few points which are common.

  1. Take regular breaks in between and rest your eyes. Taking breaks in study sessions is underrated. Studies have shown that the brain can function on a given task at maximum efficiency for 45 minutes. Any more than that and the efficiency will decrease. It is suggested to take 10 min break every 45 minutes to relax oneself.
  2. Exercise daily. Exercise will not only keep oneself healthy but will also release endorphins which trigger a happy feeling in oneself. It is vital to keep one’s happiness at peak during studies and this also helps one to not fall into depression.
  3. Talk to friends or family. Whenever one is feeling stressed out, it is better to talk to a friend or a family member. Social interaction will build up one’s happiness and make one feel livelier. Studying is usually done in closed quarters and lack of social interaction for an extended period of time will build up stress inside one’s mind.
  4. Eat healthy. Eating healthy is another way to manage stress. It has the added bonus of keep stress levels low and being useful for the body.
  5. Keep small goals and meet them. It may not seem much but keeping smaller goals and constantly meeting the deadline will give a boost to self-confidence and reduce stress.

As such, these are just a few points that are recommended for students to manage stress. If a person is overly stressed, it is advisable for them to meet a therapist or a counselor.