How To Concentrate For JEE Main Preparation?

Challenging material and syllabus requires a lot of concentration to wade through it’s deep waters. To be successful, concentration must be at peak when studying. To improve concentration, certain things must be done. A few of those include:

  1. Making notes every time a new thing is learnt. Every time one looks at it, it will bring back all the topics learnt.
  2. Practice remembering everything new learnt after every hour. This ensures that if there are anything not being remembered; one can always go back and study it again.
  3. Sleep. Sleeping is found to increase concentration skills by a lot as it allows the body some rest before resuming studies the next day.
  4. Taking breaks. Taking adequate breaks is necessary to improve concentration levels. Without taking breaks in between, it would be impossible to constantly keep up the concentration levels.

Concentration level drastically falls whenever one is studying extremely tough or boring topics. In such cases, care must be taken not to neglect them nor to waste time on time. Such problems must be handled carefully. In such cases, studying for 20 minutes at a time is ideal for then, after 20 minutes, a small break of 5 min and then repeating the procedure will result in constant concentration levels. The topic can be made interesting if a story can be created around it and the student fills it with humor to make it more interesting to study.

Apart from this conceptual understanding is key to success. Without understanding a concept, it is impossible to fully complete a problem. It is knowing more than just a single problem. It is knowing the entire concept behind the phenomena being studied. To improve conceptual understanding, one must always try to find creative ways to imagine and visualize the concept. If one is taking the example of waves, then it is easy to visualize a stone being thrown in water and the resulting formation of waves can be imagined. Similarly, visual cards can be created and posted around the room to improve memory. It can also be improved by making up stories and then visualizing it. In such a way the entire concept can not only be understood but also memorized.