How to eat healthy during JEE Main/Advanced Preparation?

What should you eat when you are preparing for the JEE Mains/Advanced? Should you go on a diet? Are there certain foods which you can eat? Learn to find our more.

These are the list of food you should eat during not only your preparation but also whenever you are doing really productive work.

  1. NUTS: I cannot stress this enough, eat LOADS of nuts. They are rich and packed with nutrients and proteins.
  2. HEALTHY FOOD: Eat more green veggies or fruits than junk food like pizza or Maggi or pasta. Stay clear of maida-related products. Treat yourself to a pizza or something like that once every 2 weeks. It is absolutely essential to eat as healthy as possible during your preparation days.
  3. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: Drinking plenty of water does miracles for your body. Drink a glass of hot water when you wake up and another before you go to sleep. It detoxifies your body and helps maintain your energy levels throughout the course of your day.
  4. MEAT: Eat meat sparsely but do eat it. It has lots of proteins and other quintessential nutrients ( this could also be taken in through vegetarian means ).

Always remember to NEVER OVEREAT. Overeating will cause you to feel lethargic and this will not allow you to do productive work at all.

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