Should You Drop And Prepare For JEE Main?

Dropping out and taking a year off? Worried if it is the right decision? Read the blog to put your mind at ease.

This is a big decision. Dropping out and keeping a year off to prepare for IIT JEE is a really tough decision to make. Is this the right decision? The answer will be found only after the results of the exam are released. One thing is that since the student is literally putting one year of their life to study the exam if they do not crack it, it will hurt a lot mentally. So only if one is prepared to take that on. Only if they are mentally strong enough to treat both success and failure as the same should the decision to drop out and study be taken into consideration.

Once the choice is made. The gravity of the situation will fall on the student. It is no small deal to drop out and study for one of the toughest exams on Earth. The student must then prepare a time table such that he/she will make maximum use of the time they have every single day.

One must never regret the decision of dropping out, falling a year behind all of one’s classmates to study for IIT JEE. Such regrets must never enter their minds. If it does, then there will be a lot of mental instability in the student. One should always take care to reassure themselves time and time again that this is indeed a right opportunity and that they have made the right decision.

A very strict schedule must be followed. No exception should be made with regards to the schedule. Social media should be restricted to the maximum. Plenty of sleep and exercise is a must.

One should not fall into despair when the family members or friends point out one’s decision of dropping out. Many will mock and say that was a wrong decision. One must always remember that it was their own decision and it was made from one’s own free will. Friends’ or family members’ opinions should always be taken lightly as they will feel that it would be waste of time.

When the results come out and if the student has not cleared the exam, a lot of grief will ensue. That is completely normal. The only thing that should not enter the mind is that this is not the end of the line. This isn’t the end. It doesn’t matter if one year of a person’s life is given up and still there was a failure. The main thing one must always learn from failure is that IIT JEE isn’t entirely a person’s life. A failure should be treated the same way success must be treated. One should learn to look back at the whole year and realize that they have learned something which is more important than securing a seat in IIT, patience, and diligence. That is the most important thing any person who is disciplined in their approach to studying for IIT JEE will learn.