How To Maintain A Proper JEE Main/Advanced Time Table?

When preparing for IIT JEE, the time table and schedule is important. That ensures you will crack IIT JEE.

When a student is preparing for IIT JEE. They must be fully aware of their time schedule. A time schedule is what makes or breaks a person’s ranking. A good schedule implies a better ranking. So when a person is starting to start preparing for the exam, a schedule is required.

One might at a shot keep a schedule which is practically impossible for a student who didn’t study for hours together at a stretch. This must be avoided. The student must see the amount of time he has till the exam. Then depending on that keep the schedule. One might say that if the student has 2 years, then a schedule that is not too tedious can be managed. If the student has about 6 months to prepare, a rigorous schedule must be kept. The time which the student has before his exam is also a strong deciding factor. A schedule must be done in such a way that the student must not take the exam too lightly.

The time table at first must be created in a not too rigorous way such that the student gets up to speed with the amount of studying and work that needs to be put in without directly jumping into 10 hours of study a day. This puts too much pressure on the student and the student will be bound to break both mentally and physically.

For the beginning 4 weeks, a time table of must be created in the following manner:

8 hours of sleep, 6 hours of study.

Sleep must never be neglected. The benefits of a good sleep will help the student greatly. Loss of sleep for an extra hour or two of study every single day will definitely take a tremendous toll on the health of the student. Sacrificing sleep now will only result in an exchange of study hour sacrifice later on when the student cannot focus on their studies. Trying to study for more than 2 hours continuously should also be avoided. Breaks of a few minutes should be taken in between.

The schedule must be updated every 4 weeks such that every successive updation, more hours of study will be added. The time for studying can be decided by the student themselves. The hours of study must be split between the subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in a way such that each of them get equal importance. This should be done for the initial 4 months when the student is still learning and getting a good grasp on the basics of the topics involved.

For a 2 year schedule, after 6 or 8 months, the schedule must include mock tests as well. Each day at least one paper, either Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics must be done. This will ensure the student will remain vigilant to his/her weakness and strengths. 

For a short schedule of 6 months to a year, a very rigorous time table must be set up such that every 3 days the student will attempt a full mock test and mark down the marks after every test. The time allotment for each subject must be kept depending on the subject where the student struggles.

Overall, the time schedule is extremely important for a student who is aiming for high ranks. Diligence and discipline are of the utmost importance when following a tight schedule. This must be kept in mind when studying for IIT JEE.