planning on repeating a year for NEET? Checkout the article to know more

Were you unable to prepare for NEET alongside your board exams? Do you not feel confident enough? No worries! These are some of the most common questions a lot of students have. NEET is considered one of the most difficult exams in India, so don’t feel sad that you are considering repeating a year.

Repeating or taking a drop year has its own pros and cons. You need to analyze yourself first and see where you stand in your preparation. This will be the deciding factor whether you need to take a drop year or not.

Here are a few things you should know if you are planning on repeating a year:

1- You have a whole year to prepare

You will have a whole year to prepare so there will be lots of time to finish the syllabus and for practice and revision. But don’t get lazy thinking that you have a lot of time left. You will end up wasting a year.

2- A high chance of scoring good marks

Because you have a year to prepare, you can work hard and score very high in the exams. This will increase the possibility of you getting into your dream college.

3- Can create a strong foundation

With so much time at hand, you can solidify your foundation and further increase your chances of doing very well in the exams.

4- Feeling of missing out on things

You will be missing out a whole year and would be behind most of your peers. This can make you feel inferior and anxious.

5- More pressure to succeed

Since you have repeated a year, people and yourself will expect the best from you. This can put you under a lot of pressure and you won’t be able to study properly.

6- You can learn from your mistakes

If you have already given the exam and were not satisfied with your result, hence, you decided to repeat a year, you will learn from your mistakes and see where you are lacking. By knowing where you need to work, you can do much better the next time you give the exam. To further supplement your preparation, you can use doubtbuddy . This is one of the best doubt-solving apps which gives instant solutions to your doubts and can be a great help in your NEET preparation.

Don’t feel miserable or get demotivated because of failure or lack of confidence. stand up and work even harder. In the end, knowing where you stand and then making decisions accordingly is the most important.

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