Do you want to be a topper? Do you want to go from an average student to a straight-A student?

A person is not born a topper. They practice and work hard in order to become one. A lot of students have this misconception that they can never become a topper just because they have always been average students. There is a very fine line between a topper and an average student. The line can be broken by proper discipline and a good approach.

Here are a few tips that will help you go from an average student to a topper-

1- Be focused

Students these days are victims of distractions. In today’s world, there are so many catalysts to distractions that it becomes very difficult for a student not to lose focus. What toppers do is cut all these distractions from their life and focus solely on their studies. Try doing this and you will see a major difference.

2- A good approach towards studies

Toppers don’t make studies their burden, they do it as if it is a daily habit. This is a very good approach toward studies. Students can try doing this and they will surely see drastic results.

3- curiosity

curiosity is a major trait of a topper. They are always curious to learn and explore new things. If you also want to be a topper, BE CURIOUS! question things, try to find answers to them, try to explore and learn something new.

4- Discipline

Discipline plays a major role in a topper’s life. Try to be disciplined. Don’t leave things for tomorrow. Set a goal and try to achieve it no matter what. make a study plan and follow it religiously.

5- Start studying early

Lots of students start studying right when the exams are about to come. This is a habit every student needs to change. A topper always starts studying early so that by the time exams are near, they have finished their syllabus, revised, and practiced.

6- Seek guidance and clear your doubts

Students are afraid to ask for help and seek guidance. Toppers don’t feel that way. These days there are many online platforms that can help you with your studies and doubt solving. whether you are preparing for your school exams or any competitive exam like JEE, NEET, etc. you can use doubt buddy. Doubt buddy is a one-stop solution for all your doubts. You can clear your doubts instantly or connect with tutors via chat, audio, or video call for further clarification.

7- Practice and revise

Practice and revision is very important in order to do well in your exams. By doing so, you solidify your foundation and memorize better.

These were a few tips that a student can follow in order to do well in his/her exam. All it takes is hard work and determination.

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