Want to know if a dropper can crack the IIT JEE exam? Check out the article to know

The JEE exam is very difficult and hence a lot of students drop a year to prepare for it. Taking a drop year has its own pros and cons. Students can take a drop year due to lack of confidence, lack of preparation, or dissatisfaction with themselves. Their goal is to score higher marks in the exam. By taking a drop year they are able to get more time and finish their preparation perfectly. But it is still difficult for a dropper to crack the exam. To make sure that your drop year doesn’t go to waste, make sure you utilize your time and study hard.

Students should have proper knowledge about the syllabus, booklist, and all the important topics that are asked in the exam.

Some important topics for JEE


Integrals,3-D geometry,Probability,Conic section,Trignometry,Vector algebra,Straight line,Sets relation and function,Matrices and determinant.
Limits, Continuity, and derivability, Quadratic equation, Permutation combination, Complex no, Circle, Binomial theorem, Sequences, and series, Differential eq


Oscillation and waves, Rotational motion, Electrostatics, Atoms and nuclei, Newtons laws of motion, Current electricity, Magnetic effect of current and magnetism
Kinematics, Thermodynamics, Work power and energy, Optics, Electronic devices, Properties of solids and liquids, EM waves


Organic compounds containing nitrogen, Equilibrium, Chemical kinetics, Transition elements, S-block elements, Chemical bonding, Basic principles of organic chemistry,p-block, Coordination compound, Thermodynamics.
Redox reaction,Biomolecules,Electrochemistry,Atomic structure,Polymer,Solution,Solid state,Some basic concept in chemistry,Periodic table.

Booklist for JEE

Study the NCERTs for all the subjects and use some advanced books for further knowledge and clarification.

Along with the source material you can go for online coaching or use apps like doubt buddy to clear all your doubts instantly. It is a great platform for students who are preparing for competitive exams like JEE or NEET. This will give you additional help and will give a boost to your marks.

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