Lacking motivation to study? checkout the article to help you get some motivation back in your life

Lacking the motivation to study? It is very common for a student to feel burnt out and unmotivated during their preparation. Motivation is one of the quintessential driving forces for a student in their rigorous preparation.
Motivation is short-term, you have to be disciplined and driven in order to maintain that motivation for a long period of time.

Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated during your NEET/JEE preparation:

1- Focus on Your Goal

Always keep in mind what you are working so hard for. That feeling will keep you motivated for a long time. The hunger to achieve your dreams is one of the main ingredients of motivation.

2-Build Interest in subjects-

Don’t make studies a burden. Study with interest. Always be curious to learn something new. Use fun study techniques to build interest. Use apps like doubt buddy to clear all your doubts. Doubt Buddy is one of the best doubt-solving apps in India where you can get answers to your doubt instantly. Its clean interface provides a great user experience and will make studying much more fun.

3- Get inspired by other people’s success stories

Get inspired by people who have cleared these exams and have gotten into their dream college. This will motivate you and drive you to work harder to achieve the same.

4- Set small goals

Set daily and weekly goals. When you achieve them, you will get a sense of accomplishment and this feeling will motivate you to study further. Reward yourself whenever you achieve something.

5- Be around good people

Always keep yourself surrounded by people who are driven and also encourage you to succeed in life. Stay away from negative people who always try to bring you down.

6-Observe other aspirants-

There will always be someone who is a step ahead of you. Observe them and see why they are working so hard in life. Learn from them, get motivated from them.

7- Create a calm and positive study environment

Always keep your study table clean. Keep your stuff organized and try to create a calm and cozy environment. This will make you feel good and will put you in the mood to study.

8- Eat good food and meditate

A healthy body makes a healthy mind. Eat good food and exercise to keep yourself fit and energized. Meditate to calm down and relax the brain. This will make you feel nice and fresh and will motivate you to study.

But remember that Motivation is not going to help you in the long run. Discipline is very much important in order to succeed in life.

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