IIT Madras Digital Skills Academy has created the ‘Premier Banker’ upskilling program in collaboration with InFact Pro!

The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-Madras) Digital Skills Academy has created the ‘Premier Banker’ upskilling program in collaboration with InFact Pro.

Applicants having a bachelor’s degree in any discipline are encouraged to submit an application. Undergraduates in their second or third year of study will also be assessed for admission. Prior banking or financial services expertise is recommended but not required.

About This Course-

Over the period of 4-6 months, the premier banking course will comprise more than 240 hours of training. Hundreds of questions and other exercises will be included in the course module to help students prepare. Students who finish all of the modules in this course will receive a diploma from IIT Madras’ Centre for Continuing Education.

According to an official statement released by IIT Madras, “Dr. Balaji Iyer, former Vice President of ICICI Securities with two decades of experience in leading banks, will serve as co-lead for the training program and will be working with a group of illustrious banking experts to provide hands-on and tools-based training and deep skilling in various facets of Banking.”

“It is very important to offer courses in skilling and upskilling in a timely manner and also focus on current markets and their requirements,” said Prof. K. Mangala Sunder, Head, Digital Skills Academy, Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Madras, highlighting the unique aspects of “Premier Banker.” It is vital that such services be made available as our country strives to become a $5 trillion economy.


Why this course?

This curriculum is meant to give students a thorough grasp of banking and finance, as well as intense instruction in financial health analysis and forecasting, a banking and financial toolbox, and a thorough background in fundamental banking and finance principles.

Enrollment Instructions:

Step 1: Go to InfactPro’s official website, infactpro.com.

Step 2: On the webpage, select ‘IIT certification’ from the drop-down menu of ‘Courses.’

Step 3: Select the ‘Program in Premier Banker’ enrollment link.

Step 4: Select ‘Enroll immediately.’

Step 5: Review all details and scroll to the bottom of the page to enroll.

Step 6: Fill out all of the required information, submit any necessary documents, and click the Register button.

The theory portion of this course will last 250 hours and will be taught in English. The cost of the course is Rs 59,000. (inclusive of tax). For further information and to enroll, interested applicants should go to IIT-Madras’ official website, iitm.ac.in, or InfactPro’s website, infactpro.com.

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