Human Physiology For NEET- How to master it?

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Human Physhcology

Human physiology is the section that will carry the most marks in the NEET Biology Exam. This section completely deals with the human body. Here, you should be able to master this section completely as it is vast and really dense. Here are some tips for studying this section.

Start with the easiest topic: Some aspirants will find some topics easier than others. That will completely depend on their capabilities. Some will have come from an ICSE background where they will have already learned the basics of human physiology. Thus, they find it easier to grasp and understand. Thus, regardless of your background, you must find an easy topic and start with it.

Practice labeling the diagrams: Even if you can mentally draw a diagram, learn each part of it. You won’t be given to drawing a diagram in the exam, but you will be given questions regarding the diagrams. Hence you must practice labeling them. You can do it by drawing it roughly on a piece of paper and practicing. Then, you will develop a muscle memory where you will be able to identify each part effortlessly.

Maintain a notebook: An underrated tip that many overlook. Maintaining a notebook will help you a lot in the long run. This will be required for you to revise if you ever feel like it. Instead of opening the textbook and reading paragraphs together for the information, you can do the same by just going through a few pages which you had written when you were studying.

Personal Note:

I personally suggest that you study this topic thoroughly. I did not study this part that thoroughly because I neglected it as I thought it would be easy as I had the basics of human physiology in my 10th. Oh, was I mistaken… That was one of the worst mistakes I have ever made. I kept this topic to be studied at the end of my preparation for Biology. That was a mistake which cost me a lot of marks. Do not make that mistake. Start your preparation right.

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