NEET Biology – Best Tips You Should Know For Living Organisms

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Living organisms

If you are starting your preparation for NEET, then it is a must that you should start from the very beginning of the 11th syllabus. This basically starts from the Classification of living organisms. This chapter carries a good 14% weightage in the final examination for NEET Biology. There is a very high chance that some questions may be asked from here in other sections.

Hence, a beginner must start from here. To start your preparation in physics, refer to this blog. Now diving deep into the subject is needed. Biology is that subject where you need to memorize everything. Thus, whenever you see a point worth memorizing, write it down in a separate book. Keep separate notebooks for each subject. This will immensely help you out in your journey.

Now, note that there will be 2 sections under Biology, Zoology, and Botany. Refer to this blog for more insight into how you should prepare for Biology. We will first be focusing on the diversity of living organisms which basically covers the basics of both parts. It will have the following topics:

  • The living world: This is just a fundamental and brief summary of the introduction to the biological aspects.
  • Biological classification: Here, you will learn more about how living organisms are classified. How they are related and such. An important subtopic to learn and master.
  • Plant kingdom: After learning the above chapter, you will learn more about how the plants are classified: all their classification types and their characteristics.
  • Animal kingdom: Similar to the plant kingdom, here, you will learn how to classify animals.

While learning the Plant kingdom and Animal kingdom chapters it is essential for you to know each characteristic. For this, I highly suggest that you take down notes. Make a small chart and stick it to your wall so that every single day, before you sleep and after you wake up, you will look at that chart and the classification and characteristics will pop into your mind. Keep on revising frequently.

Which books should you read?

NCERT bookThe first and foremost book that you should read is NCERT 11th Biology book. The NCERT books regardless of which subject you are reading for is and should be the first books you master. These books give the foundation for your entire preparation. Do not take any chapter lightly. The biology syllabus is vast and dense. Take your time.  
Biology Vol.1 and Vol.2 – TruemanThe second must have books is the “Biology” by Trueman ( Vol.1 and Vol.2). This again is a book which is used to cement your understanding. This will be tough to master but once mastered, biology will be a cakewalk for you.  
Dinesh Objective BiologyThe book Dinesh Objective Biology should also be practiced to get a strong grip on the objective questions that may come in the exam.  
ArihantI personally recommend this book as it solidifies your preparation after you master the NCERT books.

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