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Many students find Botany to be their dreaded nemesis. They will find it incredibly hard or boring to study all those names and memorize the facts. This part will have a lot of labeling to do in terms of the cell diagrams. Morphology is yet another tough and hard topic to deal with. Biology aspirants sometimes give way more important to chemistry and physics and sometimes neglect the involvement of Biology. Sometimes, you have to remind yourself that NEET is prominently for medical colleges and what is the most important part about medical? Biology. That’s right. Study biology first.

What would you need to do to perfect this dreary hated topic of Botany especially plant physiology? Well, the first thing would be to gather all your materials. Then the next thing would be to sit down and start reading.

Here is the partition of the Botany part of Biology

One advantage the subject Biology has over the others is that this subject does not have the involvement of concepts that can be twisted and turned an indefinite amount of ways to generate an infinite question bank. There are only a set number of questions that can be asked. And how do you conquer them? Read through all the previous year’s question papers. Solve the question banks. Learn the questions themselves so that answering them becomes second nature to you.

Draw, read, and draw. Draw the cells, label them, memorize them, visualize them and draw them again. This is the only best and guaranteed way that you will learn them. Biology requires a lot of your time to perfect.

Allocate a lot of your time to this subject. You only will have 24 hours in a day. See to it that a lot of it will be towards Biology if you hope of getting the best ranks. You will be bored to hell and back, so make sure you will have to make studying fun. Make short stories regarding the topic you are studying. Then, you would be able not only to enjoy studying but also to imprint the topic into your mind. The next time you see a question regarding that topic, you will remember that short funny story, and you will be able to answer it easily.

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