NEET aspirants should begin their preparation while still in Class 11 as the syllabus for these exams overlaps with the syllabus of classes 11th and 12.

There is no predetermined age or time when it comes to starting to study for any entrance exam. Exam preparation time varies from person to person, however, the beginning of class 11th is considered the best time to begin studying for medical entrance examinations, as the syllabus for these exams is largely comparable to that of classes 11th and 12.

The eleventh grade is a good time to start studying for any entrance exam. NEET aspirants should begin their preparation while still in Class 11. It will provide them with enough time to experiment with various preparation tactics. Furthermore, beginning early will allow students to thoroughly review the Class 11 content by the time they reach Class 12.


However, starting preparations at this time can be scary because they have not yet been told what they need to prepare. Here are some tips and strategies for Class 11 students who are planning to appear for the NEET exam-

Know The Syllabus-

One of the first things to do before starting your NEET preparation is to familiarize yourself with the NEET curriculum. It covers topics from grades 11 and 12. During your preparation, it is essential that you thoroughly go over the syllabus and look for any topics that are left. The full syllabus may appear overwhelming at first glance, but with time you will get comfortable with it.

2. Create A Schedule-

Students preparing for NEET 2021 from Class 11 must set up a proper study plan once they have familiarized themselves with the syllabus. The study schedule should include time for recreation and long hours should be avoided. As time passes, the study plan should be reorganized and reassessed. Topics that have more weight in the NEET 2021 exam should be given higher consideration.

3. Choosing The Right Resources-

The most crucial component of NEET preparation is choosing the best books with the best concepts for NEET entrance examination preparation. To begin with, you should focus on NCERT because it covers the fundamentals. After finishing the NCERT, students should review content from Class 11 and 12th to obtain a better knowledge of concepts and question variants.

4. Solve Previous Years Question Papers And Mock Tests-

Practicing previous year’s NEET question papers and mock tests will help you with your NEET preparation. It will help you prepare for your NEET test by familiarizing you with the exam pattern, difficulty level, and question types. You’ll also learn how to complete the question paper in the allocated 3 hours.

5. Revise!

Revision is the key to retaining all the information in your mind. We tend to forget things that we don’t see often; this is true for everything you have studied. This is why, in order to keep the information fresh in your brain, you need to revise what you’ve learned. Also, don’t forget to take notes while studying or revising!

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