Aspirants often waste hours seeking the right study path which will allow them to achieve their objectives. Books, study tools, and notes are all beneficial

Every kid aspires to get a 95% or higher on their board exams. Attaining this level of success necessitates a tremendous degree of focus, hard work, and dedication to your studies. You can get 95% or better on your board examinations if you study wholeheartedly throughout the year. In order to score this well in CBSE Class 10 boards, you must pay close attention to your classes, must have a schedule, and have effective time management skills.

Scoring more than 90% on the 10th board exams requires not just hard work but also smart work. The better a person’s preparation, the more likely it is that they will ace their Class 10 board exam.

Students giving board exams

Aspirants often waste hours seeking the right study path which will allow them to achieve their objectives. Books, study tools, and notes are all beneficial, along with appropriate advice which helps candidates in preparing well.

Here are a few tips that will help you score well in your class 10th board exams-

1. Know your syllabus-

In order to prepare for any topic, it is necessary to comprehend the syllabus. First, double-check the number of units, the distribution of marks, and the weighting of each topic.

2. Study your NCERTs first-

It’s great to prepare from various sources, but when it comes to board exams, it’s vital to be limited and focus entirely on your NCERT textbooks, as board exam questions are chosen from NCERT textbooks.

3. Reduce Distractions-

Distractions are the major contributing factor to failure. Simply Put away your phone or anything else that distracts you and where you spend most of your time. This time should be spent concentrating on serious study and preparation, as it will define your future.

4. Solve previous years question papers-

Solve previous year’s question papers if you want to do well in your board exams. These questions will assist you in comprehending the question pattern.CBSE distributes sample papers a few months before the start of the board exams. These papers are a great way to check how well you’ve prepared for the board exams. Solving question papers allow you to see where you stand in terms of preparation so that you can focus on your weak points.

5. Revise-

Revision is very important for board exams as the syllabus is pretty vast. Students need to have a thorough understanding of every concept in order to do well in the exam. With the revision, students will be able to retain the information for longer which will initially help them in doing well in the main exam

7. Get your doubt cleared-

You cannot risk leaving any doubts before giving your board exam as it is a very crucial exam of your life that can shape your career. By getting your doubts solved, you will be able to understand the concepts much better and will also feel more confident. If you are preparing for board exams and are facing doubts related to any subject, do check out the doubt buddy app. It is the best doubt-solving app that provides instant and 24/7 solutions to all your problems. It has some of the best tutors that will guide you through your studies.

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