From researching about your course of study, college location, acceptance rates to entrance exams, applying to college may be both thrilling and stressful.

Almost every student has a dream college that they really want to get into. IITs, DU, AIIMS, and many other colleges are popular among students. Dreaming is a lot easier than putting forth the effort to achieve that dream!

From researching about your course of study, college location, acceptance rates to entrance exams, applying to college may be both thrilling and stressful. Not to mention the fierce competition among lakhs of candidates competing for a spot at their desired university.


To stand out from the crowd and get into your dream college, you’ll need to have excellent academic records, extracurriculars, other accomplishments, as well as the skills you possess. A thousand others are applying to that same university; what sets you apart?

Here are a few tips that you should follow that will increase your chances of getting into your dream college:


Obvious! Isn’t it? If you want to get into your college of choice, you will have to study hard. Whether you are getting admission through your 12th percentage or through an entrance exam, either way, you will have to study. You cannot just fantasize about the idea of getting accepted into your dream university, you must actually put in the work.

2. Engage in extracurricular activities-

This is another important thing to keep in mind. Participate in various extracurricular activities as they help in holistic development. Just being good at studies will not help you win! If you are good academically but are horrible at communication, leadership, management, creative skills, etc. then you simply won’t get ahead in life.

3. Learn social skills-

Social skill is what’s gonna help you succeed. Suppose you clear the exam and your name show up on the merit list. Now, when the day of the interview arrives, what impression are you gonna leave on the interviewee? As I previously stated, in addition to your academics, you must have good social skills.

4. Maintain a consistent GPA-

Try to have a consistent GPA. If you’re already doing well, maintain it. Put in the effort to improve if you’re not performing well. This improvement in your grades will show how you have progressed over time.

5. Be the best at core subjects-

If you are aiming to do an MBBS, be the best at science. if you want to study economics, be the best at it. If you want to study business, be the best at that subject. Try to be the best at whichever field you want to enter. Colleges want the best of the best.

6. Practice and Revise-

Keep on practicing and revising the content that you have studied. Make sure to keep your knowledge up to date. You have to do well in your exams if you want to get into the best colleges. So don’t just study; practice, and revise too so that you can store that information for longer.

7. General awareness-

Current affairs are highly likely to be asked while giving entrance exams or interviews. In general, you must be aware of what is going on around the world. General awareness is a measure of intelligence. Only course books will not help you succeed. If you don’t know who the president is, knowing the Pythagoras theorem won’t prove your intelligence.

There is no magic formula for getting into your dream school. Having the right strategy and a solid understanding of the college admission requirements and your own potential will help you succeed.

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