1. Study in a dedicated study space 2. Review past years question papers 3.Read the NCERTs 4.Use the Pomodoro technique 5.Keep your resources limited 6. Eat, Sleep well and exercise 7. Get your doubts cleared

When you ignore your textbooks all year, exams become a nightmare for you. You race against the clock to memorize a year’s worth of material.¬†Perhaps you procrastinated or ran out of time. Even if you just have one day to prepare, you may pass your exam with dedication and effort. If you need to study for an upcoming exam but don’t have much time, utilize these study ideas and methods to help you study efficiently. Even if you just have a few months or days to prepare for your exams, these tips will be helpful-

How to cover more syllabus in less time?

Study in a dedicated study space-

Study in a distraction-free environment. Avoid cozy and comfy places like your bed or your couch. Changing your study space allows you to focus solely on the task at hand and you will less likely doze off in the middle of your study session.

Review past years question papers-

You already have a limited amount of time to study everything, so you must spend your time wisely in order to attain good exam results. Review past years’ question papers and practice them. Check the weightage of questions from different chapters to decide which are more important and which are less important and then prioritize and study accordingly.

Read the NCERTs-

NCERTs are a must if you are preparing for Boards. Do not waste your time studying supplementary books, focus on the NCERTs as they cover the whole syllabus and the questions are based on the NCERT content only. Make sure you read your NCERTs thoroughly as they won’t take that long to finish and will help you cover your syllabus faster.

Use the Pomodoro technique-

Pomodoro is one of the most popular and effective study techniques among students. This technique will help you in time management as in this technique where you divide your study sessions into parts with breaks in between. This helps you study for a longer period of time as you are giving your brain rest by taking enough breaks.

Keep your resources limited-

Keeping your resources is extremely important. As I mentioned above, when you have less time, study your NCERTs only and don’t worry about other supplementary books. If you have pre-made notes or coaching material study those thoroughly. As you are in a time constraint it is very important to keep your resources as limited as possible.

Eat, Sleep well and exercise-

The most important thing to remember is that in order to stay focused when studying, you must eat well and get plenty of rest. sleep for at least 6-7 hours. Consume healthy foods such as fruits, and vegetables. Give time to exercise and meditation to help improve your physical and mental health.

Get your doubts cleared-

It is very important to get your doubt cleared as you can’t take risks, especially during time constraints when every mark matters, as just one doubt can halt your preparation. If you are facing doubts related to any subject, do check out the Doubt Buddy app. It is the best doubt-solving app that provides instant and 24/7 solutions to all your problems. It has the best tutors to help you with your exam preparation.

These 7 tips can help you study efficiently and complete your syllabus in a small span of time. Follow these steps and you will surely do well in your exams.

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