Our worst enemy, yet a thing that we can’t resist is DISTRACTION! Every one of us face distractions and it is probably the key factor to unproductivity.

Our worst enemy, yet a thing that we can’t resist is DISTRACTION! Every one of us face distractions and it is probably the key factor that makes our life feel more unproductive. We would much rather do anything else than focus on what we actually have to do. We would rather scroll through our Instagram feed or watch dog videos on youtube than study. Every one of us has been through this and it is very difficult to get out of. Here, I have mentioned a few things that will help you avoid distractions and become a little more productive.


1.Try to create a distraction-free environment-

Begin to form routines that will help you stay focused and eliminate distractions. Begin by setting an environment in which you are less likely to become distracted from what you’re working on. This isn’t always simple. For one thing, many of us rely on computers to complete our tasks, but we also discover that using a computer to access the internet allows us to engage in our most distracting activities. Try utilizing a website blocker app if you find yourself continuously going to video or retail websites. Remove as many excuses and distractions as possible so that you can focus entirely on one task at a time.

2. Set daily goals to achieve-

Always set daily goals for yourself and be determined to achieve them. Setting goals will give you a direction and something to work on. You will be more likely to finish these goals rather than study haphazardly. Set goals that are achievable and that align with your main purpose.

3. Meditate-

Meditation works wonders but a lot of people run away from it. It might take some time to get used to it, but this is one of the best ways to calm your wandering mind and be more focused while studying. Try to meditate for 5 minutes before studying and you will feel so much more focused.

4.Take challenging and engaging tasks-

It’s possible that your task isn’t fully engaging you if you’re having difficulties concentration and are constantly sidetracked. You may feel as if you’ve been working hard all day, but it’s possible that your mind is fighting boredom and looking for ways to pass the time.

Complex tasks need more of our working memory and attention, leaving us with less mental resources to seek out the next exciting diversion. When our abilities are pushed, we are more likely to reach a state of total job immersion. We become bored when our abilities are far beyond the needs of our jobs, for as when we spend several hours doing monotonous data entry.

5. try to calm down your internal distractions-

Internal distractions are one of those issues that you simply cannot avoid. To learn how to not get distracted, you must find techniques to prepare your mind for work and simple strategies to keep it from wandering to non-essential thoughts.

Having a dedicated work area is a fantastic approach to prepare your mind for work. If you work in the same spot every day, your mind will associate that spot with work-related ideas.

6.Keep non engaging tasks for later-

If you get into a snag in your job, put it aside and come back to it later as you learn how to stay focused. Concentrate your efforts on finding ways to work “mindlessly” at all costs. All this means is that you should start with the simple components.

You may return to the more difficult bits later, and ideally, it will have come to you or you will have gained enough momentum that working on it will not break your attention.

7. Create a list of tasks to do-

The old-fashioned to-do list hasn’t gone out of style, even if we live in a technologically advanced world. According to studies, having a written plan of action makes you more productive and less taxed on your brain.

So, before you start working, make a schedule for the day by writing down all of the tasks you need to complete. When you become sidetracked, a quick check at your to-do list will help you refocus.

Interruptions are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you have to be caught off guard when they do. You’ll be able to remain on track and get more done at work if you follow these methods for avoiding distractions.

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