2020 was a difficult year. It seemed as if our smooth sailing ship had collided with an iceberg. Many lives were lost, and the education system got significantly impacted.

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. It seemed as though our smooth sailing ship had collided with an iceberg. Covid! The pandemic had a wide-ranging impact on all of us. Many lives were lost, and the education system got significantly impacted.

On 12th March 2020, World Health Organization announced a global pandemic. Schools, offices, and other public areas were closed down within a week. Countries with a rising number of active covid cases had to enforce mandatory lockdowns in order to prevent the virus from spreading further. Online learning has rapidly replaced traditional forms of education. This had a variety of consequences and had a major impact on students.

Here are a few ways how students were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic-

1.Sudden change in the education system-

The mode of education and the regular ways of schooling that the students were used to, was suddenly replaced by online learning. Adapting to the new ways was not all that easy for students. Online learning became the new normal and students somewhat lost the sense of motivation that one gets in a classroom setting.

2. Sudden increase in mental health cases-

The pandemic has made people feel overwhelmed and anxious. Many people including students are dealing with some type of mental illness. The main reason could be a lack of social interaction and reduced mental stimulation. Uncertainty is one of the most upsetting aspects of the current situation. It is unknown when schools and businesses will reopen. We don’t know what the long-term repercussions of this pandemic will be. When there are so many uncertainties, anxiety soars. Worry and fear are natural responses to this unexpected situation. Get help and don’t take your mental health for granted.

3. Uncertainty about the future-

The majority of students are unsure of their career prospects. Many exams were canceled, and education is now how it used to be anymore. Many exams got canceled and education is now how it used to be anymore. This uncertainty has made students confused about their careers and how their life is gonna turn out after this whole thing ends

4. Accessibility-

Because the majority of classes are now online, Students have to have access to a smartphone. For a developing country like India, where poverty rates are high, this can be tough. Students are unable to receive quality education due to the absence of resources.

5. Practical subjects are hard to study-

Online classrooms make it difficult to administer practical courses. To observe and understand the substance of the subject properly, you must be physically there in a lab or wherever you are practicing. Medical students have suffered major setbacks as a result of the pandemic, as hands-on training is hardly possible.

Among the most notable difficulties with online education in general is the availability of the internet in provincial and rural regions, the availability of electronic devices to access the internet, and the absence of physical interaction between students and teachers.

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