Students are stressed out over board exams, and as a result, they make a lot of mistakes that undermine their exam and hinder them from earning good grades.

Students are stressed out over board exams, and as a result, they make a lot of mistakes that undermine their exam and hinder them from earning good grades.

In addition to the CBSE, many other state boards’ board exams are held in one or two months across the country. While hard work and preparation are necessary for passing board examinations, how you behave in the examination hall and write your exam is equally important. Many students accidentally commit many common faults while taking the exam, resulting in bad grades despite having worked hard to prepare for it.

In general, students in India are stressed out over board exams, and they end up making a lot of mistakes that hinder them from getting good grades. As a result, when studying for the exam, students should avoid making these mistakes.

Board exams 2022

Here are some of the most common mistakes studets make that they should avoid-

1.Not properly understanding the question-

Exam anxiety and stress have a negative impact on students’ ability to think. They skim over a question and begin drafting an answer before fully knowing what the question is asking. They do it out of fear and a desire to finish the project on time. They eventually come up with a response that leaves out the crucial data or concept.

2.Starting late-

Procrastination is natural in humans, but some students go too far and begin their CBSE board exam preparation when there are only a few weeks left. This is something you should absolutely avoid if you want to achieve good scores. Because you must cover the full syllabus when preparing for board exams, starting early is the best option. If you start your preparation early, you will have more time to improve and reread the syllabus. You’ll also be less worried about the exams now that you’ve finished your preparation.

3.Not taking enough rest-

Students often feel that studying more a couple days before the exam will help them score high. On trhe contrary, it does the opposite. Many times, student forget what they ave studieddue to a lack of sleep, stress and panic. As a result, students must ensure that they do not compromise their sleep when studying for the exam.

4.Inadequate revision-

During the exam, most students commit a big blunder by attempting to read and memorize material that they had previously skipped. In this case, students fail to revise what they have already learnt in order to collect these new concepts. It is advised that instead of studying new content a few days before the exam, focus only on revising previously studied material.

5. Bad Time-Management –

This is another mistake that students should avoid during their board exams. Students should not spend too much time on a single answer; otherwise, they will not be able to finish their exam on time. When reading the question paper, it is recommended to plan and give proper amount of time to each question.

6. No considering the word limit-

The vast majority of students assume that the longer the response, the higher the mark. This is completely incorrect. Examiners just want relevant responses that provide crucial facts and succinct information. They are irritated by lengthy essay-style responses in which they cannot pinpoint the essential argument. Furthermore, paying substantial effort to a faulty response will leave you with less time to finish the remaining challenges.

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