5 Best Recommended Tips To improve concentration in Online Classes

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Students as of now find it difficult and cumbersome to concentrate and learn from an LED screen. A few may find it easier to study from the screen due to their lack of interest in other things or their introvertedness or strong determination. However, the majority will not find it easy to concentrate and will be constantly distracted by smaller things. You may also be distracted and want to know how to make yourselves concentrate more on the subject at hand.

Firstly, I will tell my experience with these online classes. Even though I may be years older than you, I still do find it hard to sit in front of a screen and listen to the ramblings of the poor teacher. It is hard not to get distracted by small notifications. It looks as if my mind is searching for anything to move away from the online class. Even a small Gmail notification is enough to throw me off track and I will get distracted, checking my inbox, looking if something important is there, then I will go to the starred mail and it never ends. This is just one of the few things that make me highly distracted. If I get a WhatsApp notification, I immediately divert my attention towards that.

Such is the way of life we have. Our mind is so fickle that we can’t seem to concentrate even on a single class. How do we get out of this pit? I will tell a few things I did to improve my concentration during the online classes.

  • Turn off all your notifications during your class. Unless you are the business owner, there will be no notification that would need your attention. So switch them all off, which will help you focus on the classes you have.
  • Rest your eyes. After every 20 minutes of staring at a screen, make sure to turn away for a few seconds, focus your eyes on a faraway object, at least 10 meters away from you, so that your eyes will not be strained from looking at a close object for long periods of time.
  • Walk. When you get a break during your classes, typically, there would be at least a 5-minute break between any 2 continuous classes. Get up and walk around to loosen your muscles. Even sitting for a prolonged period of time will develop sores all over your body. Make sure to do this. Do not use this time to swipe through your notifications.
  • Maintain a separate notebook for each subject. This way, instead of just blankly staring at a screen for a long time, you can make notes of what is being taught. This increases your memory retention. Read this to find out more about memory retention.
  • Try to keep group studies. This way, not everyone will have understood what is being taught on the screen; if you can hold group sessions with your friends, then the one who has understood can teach the others. Again, this is beneficial for everyone.

Online classes can be seen as both a boon and a curse. A boon because one can sit from the safety of their home and learn. A curse because it is in no way as fun as face-to-face classes. But, regardless, one should strive to learn no matter what the circumstances. Share your experiences in the comment section down below!!

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