Top 3 Books For Physics JEE Main Preparation

Top 3 books

You may ask what is the best book available on the market for me to up my preparation. Some may tell you that it depends on you; on how well you are studying and how much time you have got till the exam. That is false. Regardless of how much time you have, or how good you are at your studies, it is absolutely necessary to have these books. Well, go no further. We at Doubt Buddy have compiled a list of the top 3 books which every JEE Aspirant must-have.

  1. HC VERMA (Concepts of Physics Vol 1 and 2): For physics, there is no other book better than HC VERMA. Every and any IIT Topper would have read this book no less than at least 2 times during their preparation. HC Verma’s books are made for Indians with easily comprehendible English for even the most average of English speakers.
  2. Arihant Publications (Objective questions on physics by D.C. Pandey): Want some MCQs to sharpen up your skills? This book is the perfect match for you. This has an extensive set of MCQs that every aspirant should and must have. Start solving and get your preparation on the right track. This book is so good that even the most average of students will be on par with an IIT Topper if they can understand and conceptualize the problems given in the book.
  3. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker: Again, this is one of the best books out there for you to understand the concepts of all the topics required in IIT JEE Main/Advanced. It covers the in-depth concepts required to perfect your marks in the JEE Main/Advanced.

Having books is not just enough for learning. It is also important to USE them. Not all aspirants will have the dedication required to read all of these books for Physics. These books will also prove to be especially useful for NEET as well. For many, Physics will be felt to be the hardest subject in Main/Advanced. Accordingly. to overcome this challenge, you must study, practice, and analyze each and every problem you come across. If you are a beginner looking for books to start your journey then we recommend that you start with HC VERMA and then make your way to the fundamentals of Physics. Have an enjoyable learning experience.