JEE Main/Advanced Final Month Preparation

Final Month Preparation

When the IIT JEE exam is one month away, one must always be confident in their preparation. Panicking during the last month is common. It must be kept in mind that no matter what happens, one should always have the willpower to see it through. No further studies should be attempted in the final month before the exam.

The only thing that must happen is revision. Loads of revision and mock tests are the only thing that must happen during the final month. Also, lots of rest must be taken during this period as the student will feel extra stressed out. Stress management is another important aspect which many ignore during the final month which will have adverse effects on their performance. Hence, stress must be managed effectively and quickly.

Comparison with other students should be avoided. Not every aspirant will have studied each and every topic thoroughly. If one student says that he has studied every topic, this will give rise to fear and inferiority in the other student who has not completed the entire syllabus. He/she may start panicking and then try to finish all the topics before the exam. This will inadvertently result in that student not having enough time to revise the entire syllabus and thus will result in a complete disaster during the exam. Thus, comparison must be thoroughly avoided at all costs. Each student is unique in their own aspects. Each one of them has worked incredibly hard. It is not moral to compare students.

 The student must solve and exhaust all the previous year question papers. This is the most important part during the final stage of preparation before the examination. The NCERT syllabus should be on one’s fingertips. All the previous year question papers must be solved and understood. The entire syllabus must be revised. The mock tests must be analyzed. These all must be done only during the final stages of the exam. Only then will a student have a chance to score well below 1000 rank.

Following this strategy will completely ensure that one will, for sure, ace the IIT JEE exam.