With the recent increase of Covid-19 cases and the advent of the Omicron version, some schools and universities have begun to shift to online teaching.

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to make significant lifestyle changes. It has put digital learning at the forefront. Prior to the pandemic, digital learning was practically unknown in India; nonetheless, students and teachers reacted as swiftly as they could to online learning. With the recent increase of Covid-19 cases and the advent of the Omicron version, some schools and universities have begun to shift to online teaching.

Tips to jump back to online studying

Here are some tips that will help you jump back and adjust to online school-

Create a schedule-

Make a schedule for your classes, assignments, study time, and leisure time. Make a daily, weekly, and monthly routine and try to stick to it as much as possible. This will provide you a pleasant routine and a sense of normalcy Handwritten agendas, computerized calendars, block scheduling, software, and other means of scheduling are available. Try each one until you find one that meets your requirements.

Have a study space-

Make a separate study area where you will solely study. It could be anything you like, such as a nice and comfy spot in your room or a desk. The only thing is that this spot cannot be your bed. Not only would it reduce your productivity, but several studies show that it will also disrupt your sleep quality by leading your brain to forget that the bed is solely for sleeping.

avoid distractions-

Find a peaceful location in your house free of distractions and diversions if you don’t perceive your home as a study space. To get into the mindset of paying complete attention in an online class, put your phone away and focus solely on your studies. Ask your family to be cooperative and not distract you during your classes.

Get your doubts cleared-

since you are not having offline classes, you have the flexibility to ask your professors any doubts that you have at any time. Use this to your advantage. If you don’t want to ask your teacher or are a night owl like many of us, you can use the DoubtBuddy app. It is the best doubt-solving app that provides instant and 24/7 solutions to all your problems. There are some of the best tutors there to guide you through your studies.

Take breaks-

Online learning can get pretty exhausting. It is important to take breaks in between to avoid the feeling of being burnt out. Use study techniques like Pomodoro and flashcards to be more efficient while studying. Take proper naps and do not study for long stretches at a time.

While online learning may not be your first choice, the ideas provided above will help you make the most of your classes. Maintaining clear and open lines of communication with your teachers and classmates, as well as remaining engaged in the course material, will go a long way toward ensuring your success throughout this trying time.

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