Preparation Tips for NEET 2021 Droppers ?


You have taken that big step. The step which your family was apprehensive about. The step you feared would make your friends jeer at you. You dropped a year to appear for NEET again.

Here you are now, at the precipice of another year with nothing to do but study for NEET 2021. You have a lot at stake, and a lot to gain as well. You want to score a whole lot more than you did last year and get into your dream institute. You have promises to keep, to yourself and to your parents.

We believe you have no reason to feel anxious. No matter what people think, being a dropper has its advantages and you have it in you to be a NEET topper and get into the medical institute of your dreams.

Below are few NEET 2021 preparation tips :

Before you start, fix your mindset
Drop the fear of failure. Drop the insecurity you might have around being a dropper. Since you are a dropper, you now know first-hand how the final exam actually is and how to tackle it. You have a lot more self-knowledge than someone who is appearing for NEET for the first time. This is a powerful position to be in.

Check your skills now and what you have to improve
This means evaluating how you prepared for NEET 2020, what your strong and weak points were, and setting a goal for this year. It might be a definite number or it might be a range you want to score in. Write all of this down.

Evaluate last year’s mistakes
This is a very crucial step. Here are the possible mistakes you might have made: Not being enthusiastic/ motivated/ serious enough
Focusing too much on one subject at the cost of others
Not practising enough difficult questions
Randomly studying with no plan
Being too distracted by social media and using it while studying
Not solving online mock tests until the last minute
Neglecting NCERT because it is ‘too basic’ or ‘too simple’.
Neglecting 11th-grade syllabus
Be brutally honest with yourself and admit to all the ways in which you messed up. That is the only way you can improve this year.

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Most of all, remind yourself why you are doing this. Because once upon a time, your parents and you dreamed a dream for you. Now, you owe it to yourself to make it come true. And truthfully? It ain’t that hard.

You can absolutely do it. All the best