It goes without saying that biology is one of the most popular subjects. The Biology topic on the NEET is broken into two sections: Zoology and Botany.

Dates and details for the NEET UG 2022 will be announced by the National Testing Agency soon. Currently, the National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NECET) is the only undergraduate medical admission test (UG). Candidates who are taking their final board examinations may also apply if they meet the eligibility requirements. NEET is a paper-and-pencil exam that draws more than 16 lakh students each year.

The preparation for NEET 2022 must be comprehensive. It goes without saying that biology is one of the most popular subjects. The Biology topic on the NEET is broken into two sections: Zoology and Botany. Every medical student wants to do well in this part because it accounts for the most marks in the NEET paper, and with the appropriate strategy and hard work, one may easily achieve 50% of the marks in biology alone.


The Botany portion of Biology is time-consuming and bothersome because the syllabus is rather extensive and requires memorizing. Attend video lectures to better comprehend the chapters and continue completing frequent revisions to better understand the botany subject.

The Zoology section of biology, on the other hand, is extensive and consists of a combination of ideas and memory. View concept movies and create thought maps to have a thorough understanding of the Zoology area. Create flowcharts for all of your ideas in case you need to revise them at the last minute.

1. Choosing The Right Strategy-

To reap the maximum benefits of studying, it is vital to revise at regular intervals. This will help you remember things. Candidates should go over the entire syllabus several times before the tests to ensure that they comprehend every concept covered in each topic. A student can maintain track of his or her academic progress if he or she revises on a regular basis.

2. Plan-

One of the most critical tasks to do before beginning Biology preparation for NEET 2022 is planning. According to their knowledge, students should create a daily study timetable and assign time to all subject courses. However, the benefit of such a plan will be realized only if the student adheres to it and implements it consistently.

3. Mock Tests And Sample Papers-

Practice tests should be taken as many times as possible before taking the NEET. It also offers them a sense of the types of questions that will be asked on the exam. Candidates will discover what topics they should focus on as well as the tactics they should use to answer the questions.

4. Prepare Short Notes And Charts-

Prepare brief revision charts and personal notes. For each topic in biology, taking notes is a good idea because it requires a lot of memorization. Because biology is a theoretical subject that requires a lot of memorization, it’s a good idea to take short notes on each topic.  Multiple revisions will be more efficient as a result of this. Remember to go through the diagrams and labeling again.

5. Study The NCERTs-

Because questions are based on NCERT books, they must be mastered. According to numerous subject experts and toppers, 70-80% of the exam questions are directly taken from the NCERT textbooks. Those who have read the NCERT curriculum religiously and completely can easily attempt these.

6. Solve Your Doubts-

Do not leave any doubts as just one doubt can hinder your whole preparation. If you’re a student with doubts about any subject, check out the doubt buddy app. It is the best doubt-solving app that provides instant and 24/7 solutions to all your problems. There are some of the best tutors there to guide you through your studies.

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