Mindset for solving MCQs in JEE


The exam of JEE MAIN and ADVANCE are equally same and follow objective type questions. A interesting fact is that time management becomes a significant factor while solving MCQs accurately. Exams like this require conceptual tricks to attend maximum number of questions in a shorter time.

In an exam like JEE, what matters is getting to the right answer no matter how you do it. However, all tricks are closely aligned with the exam pattern. Therefore you must first learn what pattern JEE exams will follow. In the present year, the question pattern of JEE will be divided between MCQ and numerical value-based questions. If there are 25 questions from each of the subject, then 20 will be MCQs, and the remaining 5 will be numerical value type.

Bellow are few tips which you can keep in mind while solving MCQ questions

Putting the value in the question– In the exam, you will often come across equations where the value of the variable needs to be found. In these questions try to substitute the values given in the 4 answer options. The option that will satisfy the equation will be your correct answer.

Avoid extreme values– Avoiding extremes is a must for JEE MCQ tricks when you have answers in numerical values. You may often get answer options with some highest and lowest value. In a majority of cases, the extremes are incorrect answers, so it is better to steer away from them.

Tricks for Unit and Values or measurements– Some questions include units and values.

None of these– You can solve these questions even without solving the entire equation. Just put the highest value of the set in given functions and you will get a value which satisfies the answer.

Dimension Analysis– Dimension analysis is a crucial JEE MCQ trick for Physics paper. Suppose there is a question where you are required to find the value of speed. In this case, speed is your dimension. Therefore filter out the answer options which do not have m/sec in its dimension. The process will save you time.

Trick of Assumption– One of the easiest and handy tricks for MCQ of JEE guess work is the assumption. Often it becomes easier to solve an equation when we put some assumed values to get the correct answer. The method is similar to the substitution technique.

Ample Practice– All the above mentioned JEE Main MCQ tricks work wonders but only when practiced properly. Therefore call upon yourself to go ahead and take mock tests as much as possible. More you apply the techniques in the mock tests, more efficient you will become. Securing a good rank is just some practice ahead.

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Follow this and you will be able to crack the MCQs