Is it ok to drop a year for NEET2021 ?


Whatever it takes, always follow your dreams!
we know repeating a year is a year-long commitment. But we also know that sacrificing a year to achieve your dream is definitely worth a shot. So, if you are really, honestly passionate about pursuing your dream of a career in medicine, giving another shot should not worry you for giving a second chance to your dream is better than what-ifs. And, regardless of the result from repeating, years down the line, you’ll know, you tried. The experience of pursuing your dreams is often more rewarding and more enlightening than the achievement of your dreams themselves.

Repeating a year to follow your dreams may be exhausting and draining, but the rewards are, well, worth it all. If you are still confused about whether or not to repeat a year for NEET 2022 preparation, below are some points

Focused Preparation then before
Repeating a year is great as it allows you an entire year which you can completely dedicate to the preparation of NEET. You no longer have to worry about attending school, meeting minimum attendance criteria, juggling between school and coaching, etc. Your entire energy will be focused on preparing for your dream.

Better Score & Rank
An entire year dedicated completely to the preparation of NEET will help you to perform excellently, thereby ensuring that you give your best shot. A better rank will not only increase your chances of selection in the best medical colleges in the country but also improve your confidence. It will help you to realize that with hard work, persistence and determination, anything is possible.

Study in any Medical College with any Course of Your Choice
Often students compromise on the college as well the course in order to save a year. As a result, they feel stuck. But, isn’t sacrificing a year better than studying in a mediocre college? It is wise to repeat a year for NEET as repeating a year will offer you the opportunity to improve your rank and get admission in a Government Medical College with the course of your choice.

Familiarity with Exam Pattern
You have already travelled this road which surely gives you an advantage over students attempting the exam for the very first time. You are well aware of the exam pattern which gives you an insight into the difficulty level, exam environment, types of questions asked, etc. When you repeat a year for NEET, it allows you to prepare systematically and strategically for the big race.

Ability to Handle the Pressure
When you repeat a year for NEET, you are about to travel the same road twice. It definitely helps as you are more experienced than most of your counterparts. You are well aware of the pressure and stress that a student goes through while preparing for NEET. You are now more organized and capable of handling the exam pressure and stress arising thereof.

Strong Fundamentals & Conceptual Clarity
Repeating a year means revisiting what you have already learnt. It is more like revising everything which will strengthen your fundamentals further. Moreover, you will have enough time to go through all the concepts again and clear them until you get them right.

Enough Time for preparation
Repeating a year provides you with the luxury of time. Don’t hesitate to start everything all over again. You have an entire year to get your fundamentals correct and understand the concepts and their application properly. It is the perfect practice that makes your preparation perfect.

Less Stress while preparing for exam
Often it becomes overwhelming to simultaneously prepare for 12th Board examinations and entrance examinations. The pressure to perform excellently in both is quite stressful. However, repeating or dropping a year to prepare exclusively for NEET helps you to focus and channelize your energy in the direction of your goal.

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