Sometimes, we wonder what they do to stand out among the millions of students in the competition. Isn’t it true that toppers have some unique habits that we lack?

High-scoring individuals always surprise us with their performance every year. Among the millions of pupils in the competition, we’ve often wondered what they do to stand out. Among the millions of students in the competition, we’ve often wondered what they do to stand out. These toppers’ behaviors must be the distinguishing characteristics that the rest of us lack. They aren’t born with exceptional test-taking abilities; rather, they master the skills necessary for success.

how toppers study?

Here are a few habits that toppers inculcate that help them score high in every exam-

Time Management-

Keep track of everything you do from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. This can help you avoid unneeded activities while also regulating your study routine. Changes to your habits and actions can also be made. You must prioritize the quality of your studies while maintaining a daily study plan of 12 to 14 hours.


Toppers are punctual and self-disciplined, which is their first attribute. They make schedules and then work regularly on those plans. In their daily regimen, they set frequent goals for themselves.
They are aiming to achieve tomorrow’s goals today. They read the chapter lesson in front of the teacher. The teacher’s explanation is a refresher for you. As a result, consistency is critical to the topper’s success.


To establish your foundation, you should consistently study knowledge that is theoretically sound, as reading more content would just confuse you and make it impossible for you to recall anything. You can also get help from your teachers or anyone else who can recommend good reading material.

Smart Work-

Toppers understand the value of devoting enough time to each concept. Avoid referencing many sources and squeezing in too many topics. Students study from the same resources but what distinguishes a topper from the others is their ability to apply what they’ve learned, which can only be acquired by hard practice.

Taking Proper Notes-

It is impossible to overstate the importance of taking notes. Toppers take notes on important chapters, significant equations, maps, mnemonics, and much more to help them remember more. It is a great habit that toppers have that must be inculcated by other students if they want to become a topper.

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