For many students class 12th physics is very difficult due to the vast syllabus, lots of derivations, and formulas. Checkout this article for info.

For many students class 12th physics is very difficult due to the vast syllabus, lots of derivations, and formulas. There is a right technique that you need to adapt to study this subject. NCERT is a must for this subject and students should have complete and in-depth knowledge about all the contents of the book. It is very important from the board exam point of view and also if you are preparing for exams like NEET or JEE.

Here are a few tips on how to study your class 12th NCERT-

1- Read the chapter first-

First of all, read the chapter. No need to try too hard to understand. Just read the chapter and skim through the pages. Look at the content of the chapter and see what is about. This will give you an idea about the chapter and you will be able to understand it better.

2- Read the chapter again and highlight-

After reading the chapter, read it again, but this time try to learn. Underline important points or highlight them. This will make it easier for you to revise later as you will be able to check all the important points.

3- Use sticky notes-

Use sticky notes and make short notes on important topics. Stick these notes on the side of that important point so that you don’t have to look further for your notes.

4- use flashcards-

flashcards are great study tools that help in active recall. Write down important derivations or formulas in these flashcards and keep on revising them from time to time. this will help you remember them better.

5- Solve all the NCERT questions-

Solve all the questions and examples given in your NCERT book. This will help you in practicing and will build your foundation before you move on to difficult questions.

6- Complete your NCERT first-

You need to complete your NCERT before moving on to any other supplementary book. NCERT is the base for every subject and is very important to learn. So, make sure you have completed your NCERT in-depth, and then you can move on to other books.

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