Are the number of study hours really that essential when it comes to the NEET? Is there a set amount of hours that you must study each day in order to clear this exam?

NEET is one of the most coveted and competitive exams in India for medical aspirants. This exam allows students to apply for admission to medical school across the country and realize their ambitions of becoming successful doctors. Someone who wants to crack NEET has to put in loads of effort and hard work. Clearing this exam not only requires hours of studying but also a lot of dedication and passion. Now you must be wondering How many hours on average you should put in to clear an exam like NEET. Are the number of study hours really that essential when it comes to the NEET? Is there a set amount of hours that you must study each day in order to clear this exam?

What are the minimum study hours?

The NEET exam does not have a hard and fast rule about how many hours you need to study. A top NEET student studies as much as their mind and body will allow. Whenever they study, they do it fully focused. There’s no time wasted and there’s no overdoing it. There’s no procrastination, no exhaustion. The top performers usually follow a schedule with six hours of self-study per day on average. Moreover, the number of hours necessary to study for a national-level examination depends on both the student’s merit and the preparation plan.  

A daily average of 6-8 hours is considered good for NEET. Your study time will differ based on your intelligence, whether you are a quick learner or take your time to absorb new concepts. Rather than the number of hours, what’s important is the quality of studies.

Subject and pattern of the exam-

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Zoology form the core of the NEET UG Exam. There are 180 MCQs in total with a 3-hour time limit. Every correct answer earns the candidate four points, while every wrong answer results in a mark deduction.

A few tips that will help you crack NEET-

  • Know the syllabus thoroughly– As the NEET syllabus is extensive, you need to know where to place your efforts to get the best results. Reduce unnecessary information and focus mainly on relevant topics. This exam covers all the topics from the NCERT syllabus. Having common chapters would be beneficial, as you won’t need to prepare them individually. In addition, you can devote more time to the parts you did not cover.
  • Keep your resources limited-While studying for the exam, avoid becoming overwhelmed by stacks of books. If necessary, stick to your NCERTs and key supplemetary books. You can use coaching material to supplement your NCERTs
  • Create a Timetable that you can follow- Following a structured routine might help you keep focused on your objective while studying for the NEET. Make certain that you adhere to your time table.You can change it from time to time according to your requirements. Here is a model example of a time- table that you follow or refer from-
  1. Start your early and study all the important topics first so that you feel more relaxed during the rest of the day. Have breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee.
  2. Finish your morning routine after an hour or two of rest.
  3. Start studying at 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. on some other important topics.
  4. After a morning of constant studying, you can take a longer lunch break, up to 2 hours.
  5. When you’ve finished your break, you can begin working from 3.30-4 pm till 6.30-7 pm. By this time you will be left with easy topics to do or you can just revise what you studied the whole day.
  6. Take a good night’s rest after such a productive day.
Time Table
  • Revise!- Revision is a must while preparing for any competitive exam. Make sure you revise on a daily basis to make sure that you retain what you have learned for a longer period of time.
  • Give mock tests– Giving mock tests will not only help you practice but will also let you know in which areas you are lacking.

If you want to ace this exam, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, dedication, and time management. it is impossible to foresee how challenging the exam will be. Regardless, if you analyze yourself and find the perfect timetable for yourself, you will be able to make the best out of however many hours you are putting in daily.

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