CBSE Class 10 exam cancelled, Class 12 exam postponed.


Due to the rapid growth in number of COVID cases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in consultation with the Education Minister and other top officials, decided to postpone the Class 12 board exams and cancel the Class 10 exams.

On June 1, a decision will be made, and details will be released after that. Before the new exam dates, students will be given at least 15 days’ notice.

For the students of Class 10, the results will be prepared on the basis of an ‘Objective Criterion‘ which the CBSE will develop. Any such candidate who is not completely satisfied with the marks allocated on this basis will be given a chance to sit in an exam as and when the conditions are favorable to conduct the exams. CBSE developed a new scheme for Class 10 students last year as well. According to the meeting, there could be a uniform policy or set of guidelines for board exams across states, as several state ministers have demanded.

Later fall, the Delhi CM tweeted, “6 lakh children in Delhi will write the CBSE Exams. Nearly 1 lakh teachers will be a part of this. These can become significant hotspots leading to a large-scale spreading of coronavirus. The life of children and their health is essential.

PM Modi stated, “The students’ well-being has to be the top priority for the government.” He also noted that the Centre would keep in mind the students’ interests, ensuring their health was taken care of while their academic interests were not harmed. The Covid cases have been rising across the country in the second wave. Today, India has recorded almost 2.69Cr affected and 2.41Cr recovered and 3.07L deaths.

The government’s decision to cancel the 10th-grade exam is a huge relief, The CBSE had proposed two options to the Education Ministry for evaluation of Class 12 students — conducting exams in the existing format only for around 20 major subjects or conducting one-and-half hour objective type exams of major subjects for students in their own schools.

However, several states such as Kerala, Assam, Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Meghalaya have urged the Central government to vaccinate teachers and students on priority to ensure their safety during their time at the test centre.

Under the first option, the national board has suggested that examinations for 19 major subjects be held in the “existing format” and at designated examination centres — and marks for minor subjects be calculated on performance in the major subjects.

Under the second format, which will take only 45 days to wind up, the CBSE has proposed that Class 12 students sit for the major subject exams in their own schools, instead of designated centers. Apart from the shortened duration of the examination, a Class 12 student will appear for one language and three elective subjects only. Till then I would request all the students to be safe and healthy and prepare nicely for exams.