After the successful compliance of CBSE term-1 exams, all the CBSE boards students will move towards the preparation of CBSE term 2 exams.

CBSE Class 10 examinations for Term 1 have already been completed, and exams for Term 2 are about to start. CBSE is now administering term-by-term testing, with the syllabus divided 50-50 between terms. In the end, the final exam score will be calculated by adding up the results from each term.

Term 2 CBSE class 10 tests will be held in a different order than Term 1 exams. The paper will be for two hours and will comprise a variety of question forms, such as case-based, situation-based, open-ended-short-answer, and long-answer questions. Exams for Term 2 2022 will be held at CBSE-certified testing facilities, with changes made in response to the COVID-19 scenario.


Tips to prepare effectively for term 2 board exams:

Solve Sample Papers-

Sample papers should be solved for practice (CBSE Board Model Paper). If you do it on a regular basis, you will make your preparation even stronger. This will make the subject easier to understand. Throughout the research, pay special attention to the Assertion-Reason questions. Many pupils find it exhausting. Acting in this manner is not acceptable.

Read NCERTs-

Read all of the important chapters from the NCERT Books carefully and answer all of the exercise questions and examples. since, questions in CBSE exams are frequently based on NCERTs, study the books line by line. NCERT Exemplar can be used as a practice book for a broader range of questions.

Know the term 2 syllabus-

Those in class 10 should also be aware of the syllabus’s certain parts which include material from specific chapters that will not be tested in the CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Exam 2022. Therefore, students do not have to prepare for such topics. 

Create a time-table-

Students should make a timetable to assist them in organizing and disciplining their studies. Create a plan with short- and long-term goals to help you prepare for the CBSE 10th board exam on time.

You should set attainable goals for yourself. Set aside more time for the more difficult subject and plan your study hours around the times you believe you will be most productive and able to concentrate.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle-

Make sure to eat healthily, get proper sleep, and engage in light workouts and meditation. Along with proper studies, it is extremely important to stay healthy in order to give full focus to your preparation. A healthy body makes a healthy mind, so take care of your health if you want to do well in the exam. Do not stress too much or overburden yourself.

Make Short Notes And Revise-

Make short and clear notes while reading your chapters. Include flow charts, diagrams, critical computations, and all of the important points in your rewrite. Even though the exam is subjective, having a solid understanding of the topics will make it easier to formulate subjective responses.

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