Want to help your child during their preparation? This article is for you

NEET/JEE exams are considered to be some of the most difficult exams in India. These exams can take a toll on a student’s health and can be very stress-inducing. In such difficult times, parents should take special care of their children and make sure that they are healthy both physically and mentally. Parents have a major role to play during such times as they can be a pillar of strength and motivation for their children.

Here are some tips on how parents can help their child in his/her NEET/JEE preparation:

1- Keep a calm environment-

Make sure that you keep the environment of the house calm and pleasant. Don’t get into personal arguments or shout when your child is studying. This can take a mental toll on the child.

2- Provide your child with healthy food

Food is very important as it can drastically affect the health of a child. Feed your child with healthy and nutritional food and encourage them to avoid junk and unhealthy food and beverages.

3- Keep your child motivated

Try and keep your child motivated. Always encourage them and stay with them when they feel down. Talk to your child and ask them if they need anything. This will help your child emotionally and will keep him motivated.

4- Don’t pressurize your child

Don’t put pressure on your child. Let them work at their own pace. Don’t demoralize them and make them feel bad when they make a mistake. Instead, guide them and reassure them that they can do it.

5- Help them if you can

Try and help your child in his/her studies if you can. Your child will feel so much more comfortable and reassured that someone is there to guide and help them.

6- keep them away from distractions

Try to keep your child away from distractions. Don’t be a helicopter parent, instead keep a check on them from time to time and make sure that they are not wasting their time doing unproductive things.

7- Provide them with required sources

Provide your child with the sources they need to study. You can enroll them in an online education platform or teach them yourself in case they need guidance. You can recommend them apps like doubt buddy to further help them in their preparation. Doubt buddy is the perfect app for NEET/JEE students as it covers all the subjects related to the syllabus. It is the quickest doubt-solving app where you can put in your doubts by clicking a picture and get the solution instantly.

8- make sure they get good sleep

Encourage your child to take proper sleep as it can have drastic effects on their health. Make sure that they are sleeping on time and are getting enough time to rest.

9- Be their friend

Try to be friends with your child. Listen to their problems and assure them that you are always there for them. Make them feel comfortable.

10- Reward them

Reward your children when they achieve something. Cook them their favorite meal or take them to a nice place. This will make them feel happy and will motivate them to do better.

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