7 Tips for Improving Motivation to Study: How to Get Going, Stay on Track, and Finish What You Started

1.Know Your Why2.Break Tasks Down3.Create a Plan4.Identify the Mental Stops5.Adjust the Mood6.Find a Study Buddy7.Reward Yourself with a Break

Most people who have been to school know what it is like to sit at the computer with your eyes fixed on a blank screen. Hoping that their thesis will write itself. Or have tried reading a textbook only to find that they’ve read the same paragraph ten times and still don’t know what they’re reading. Other things you prefer to do and a huge amount of work to do, it’s hard to start and even harder to finish. Fortunately, there are some simple, scientifically proven ways to find and keep your motivation.

Study motivation

Here are tips to help you get motivated to study-

1.Know Your Why-

Most people have an innate need to create, innovate, and perform. This need leads us to seek experiences, go places, and accomplish great things. When we lack motivation, these tendencies may overpower the motivation for study.

The brain can be amazingly uncooperative, you might even be talking to yourself, and the next thing you know you’re not going to go to class and end up losing a whole week to your obsessive Netflix viewing. Sometimes there are real barriers to your ability to focus, and this is one of the most common reasons people aren’t studying. If you know why you aren’t motivated, it is easier to address. For instance, you could want to make sure you study what you want to learn.

2.Break Tasks Down-

One of the most effective ways to help yourself stay motivated to study is to break larger tasks down into smaller, bite-size pieces. By doing this you’re forced to engage your brain in the process of doing small things to be able to complete the larger one. This may sound easier said than done, but it can be done! It doesn’t matter how much you’ve studied before, if you find yourself trying to study for hours, take a quick break, even 30 seconds. Do a mental test, like solving a math or algebra problem. It may be difficult, but if you complete it, you’re more likely to be more motivated to continue with studying.

3.Create a Plan-

It’s important to have a plan. And so, come up with an achievable goal. The more achievable your goal is, the more you are likely to achieve it. Start small, work your way up. And stick with it.

4.Identify the Mental Stops-

There are many distractions in your life, including your friends, your job, your TV, and so on. Your brain is constantly searching for distractions, which is why it is important to find the mental breaks you need to make sure you are not distracted.

5.Adjust the Mood-

Your brain needs the motivation to work, but it is also essential that you have a positive mood. If you are down about something, the work you are doing won’t be worth it. Take a walk, watch a funny movie, eat a piece of cake. Because people who are in a good mood are more likely to remember and concentrate.

6.Find a Study Buddy-

When it comes to being motivated to do something and finding the strength to stick to your goals, you want to surround yourself with people that have the same goals. These are people that can offer you motivation or support.

This doesn’t just mean family or friends, it could also be the copy editor for your paper or the lab partner that shares the same love for science. In addition, study partners are also more likely to stick with you when times get tough. Studies show that people tend to procrastinate more when they are doing something with someone else.

Other studies have shown that people who are more motivated also take smaller risks in order to stay motivated.

7.Reward Yourself with a Break-

Perhaps the first thing you should do if you are having trouble starting or finishing is to take a break. Stop what you are doing, close your computer or do what you were doing and then do something else for an hour. Use this time to do something relaxing, like watch a movie or listen to some music. Researchers say that people feel happier when they are doing things that they enjoy and they are also less likely to be lazy when they have accomplished something. Whether it is music or working out, use this time to remind yourself of the things you love, that don’t involve sitting at a desk for 8+ hours.

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