Are you flooded with myths about IIT JEE exam? check out the article where we bust some of the most common myths related to this exam.

There are so many myths about the IIT JEE examination that students get bombarded with when they start their preparation. These myths can hinder a student’s performance and demotivate him/her. This makes it very important to clear these myths so that students can start their preparation without any confusion.

Here are a few myths that are going to get busted-

1- You Have To Give Up Your Social Life

This is so not true. You don’t have to give up on your social and personal life to clear this exam. You only need to devote 5-6 well-focused hours to your studies and you will do well in your exams. Quality study matters a lot more than the quantity studied.

2- You Need To Use Tons Of Resources

A lot of students have this false idea that they need to read every book in the market. This is a very wrong approach and will only hinder your preparation. Instead, keep your resources limited, this will avoid confusion and you will be able to study better.

3- You Have To Be A Topper To Crack This Exam

This too is a false assumption lot of students make. Even an average student can clear the exam with discipline and hard work. You can take help from online platforms like doubt buddy to further help you in your preparation. It is one of the best doubt-solving apps out there. It gives an instant solution to your doubts and you can connect with tutors for further clarity. Click here to download.

4- You Can Work Hard During The Last Months

You have to start studying early in order to finish your syllabus and revise. If you start studying just a few months before the exam, you won’t be able to finish your syllabus, you will be stressed and confused, and underconfident. So if you are planning on studying at the very last minute, please don’t. start early and you will do well in the exams.

5- You Have To Go to Big Coaching Hubs like KOTA

A lot of students think that they would have to go to Kota or other big coaching hubs in order to clear the exam. You don’t have to! Self-study is very important even if you join coaching. If you think you need extra guidance, you can enroll in any online teaching platform or use doubt buddy to clear your doubts.

6- You Have To Take A Drop Year

A lot of people think that they have to take a drop year in order to clear the exam. You need to see where you stand in your preparation and then decide whether you need a drop year or not. A lot of people prepare for the exam in the school itself and clear the exam.

7- You Have To give up Sleep

Some students study day and night and give up their sleep. sleep is very important as it gives your mind a break and recharges your body to work again the next day. A lot of students study at night, but it is a very bad habit to follow. It has extremely harmful effects on your body. Try to change your schedule and start studying in the morning. You will feel better and will be able to study better.

Now that we have busted some of the most common myths related to the IIT JEE exam, kickstart your preparation and you will clear the exam with flying colors.

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