With CBSE Class 12th Exam cancelled, how the results will be compiled?


The Central Government cancels the CBSE Class 12th Exams, spreads a wave of calmness among students and parents, and brings their worries and anxiety to an end. The essential educational decision was taken after Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired an important meeting on 1st June 2021.

How will the results be compiled now?

With the cancellation arrived the need for alternate assessment criteria to compile the results of class 12th students. For this, the government announced that CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) will take measures to compile the results of Class 12 students as per “well-defined objective criteria” in a time-bound manner. Nevertheless, suppose a student desires to appear for the examination. In that case, the CBSE will provide an option once the situation becomes favourable.

The Criteria is yet to be announced, The decision on compiling the results for CBSE Class 12 is yet to be taken. Options being considered, whether the assessment should be based on performances in class 9, 10, and 11 final exams or give a certain weightage to class 10th board results and internal evaluations of class 12.

While the alternative assessment criteria for the exam is yet to be finalized by the Board. There is an expectation that it will be on similar lines as class 10, which took into account the students’ performance in various internal tests and exams throughout the year.

CBSE will set up a committee to determine the alternative scheme for analyzing results. A student’s performance in internal school assessments, in all possibility, will be a significant part of the scheme. To keep inflation of marks in check, the Board may direct schools to guarantee that marks awarded to their students are as per the school’s past performance in the Class 12 Board exams.

If not satisfied with the assessment, Some students might not be happy with the criteria that will be announced soon. So the CBSE came up with an alternative for the satisfaction of every student. In a statement, CBSE mentioned that students who will not be satisfied with the assessment criteria could appear in the board exams when the situation becomes conducive.

The decision was taken in the interest of students, COVID-19 has affected the academic calendar, the balanced learning students strive for, causing immense anxiety among students, parents, and teachers. The government’s decision aims to put the pressure of examination and performance to an end. After extended deliberations, the government has taken this student-friendly decision, which safeguards students’ health and future.