Are you wondering how life an IIT JEE aspirant is like? Are the stereotypes about them true? Do they really study 15 hours a day and have no social life? Can only Toppers clear this exam?

In this article, we will take a look at the life of most JEE aspirants and see how it is like-

Engineering being such a saturated market and India being the second most populous country in the world only adds to the misery of the candidate. The syllabus is tough and requires extremely hard work. This puts the candidates under intense pressure. A lot of the problems are also stemmed from the unrealistic expectations of parents and peer pressure.
Students start preparing for this exam at the very young and delicate age of 14–15 and spend all their time in preparation while missing out on little joys in life. This is due to immense pressure and worries about their future. Most of the students give up their social life, lose proper communication skills and fall into the trap of various mental illnesses. Their relationships with people start to deteriorate and by the time they achieve their aim, they are physically and mentally exhausted.

A professor from IIT DELHI quoted “They have been cut off from society, they are unaware of current affairs and are desperately in need of our induction program for freshers where we try to re-orient them to society and the institute”

Even after graduating, they are miserable in search of finding good jobs.
There is a need to educate children and their parents that their mental and physical health is equally important. The govt. should also take steps and initiative towards helping such students by spreading awareness through various govt. schemes and programs.

This is not the case for every single student. Some students prepare very strategically and in a practical manner and clear the exam without giving up on their social or personal life. All it takes is a good study routine and an understanding of the exam.

It’s incredible indeed that students these days are putting so much effort into building a good career, but don’t give up on the only life you have. Study smartly and you will achieve heights, excess of anything is harmful.

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