What is the importance of Entrance Exams in students life?


Entrance examinations act as qualification exams for admission to higher studies in various reputed institutions of the world. They can be of various types, actually.

Some competitive and entrance exams include the ones that non-native English speakers have to appear for, such as the TOEFL and the IELTS. Others include testing for admission into a range of particular courses related to a discipline, such as the JEE for engineering courses and NEET for medical courses. Another type is the generic exams held for graduate and postgraduate level studies, like the GRE.

What importance do these entrance exams hold in the Indian scenario? What do they put the students up against, and what do they evaluate? We give you all the details to understand the importance of competitive exams to help you decide which one you want to prepare for.

What do competitive examinations test?
Competitive examinations like JEE and NEET are crucial because of the sheer number of students applying for limited seats. Due to the high competition and the importance of the courses in the country’s leading institutes, it becomes paramount to choose the best candidates. These papers test the persistence, hard work, and effort of students. When there is the pressure of finishing a certain number of questions in a fixed amount of time, the calm and composure of a candidate is also tested. This is why entrance examinations are so important since they test the candidate on various levels.

They act as a boon for students
For those students who are excellent in the core subjects, but cannot secure good aggregate marks due to subjects like English, entrance exams provide a fantastic outlet. They give students a chance to excel and to make it to the institute of their choice.

Entrance exams install hard work and time management qualities in students.
In today’s world, the value of discipline, hard work, and time management is incredibly high. Entrance exams require an enormous amount of preparation, which demands time from the students. This preparation needs to be done by following a strict schedule, managing time effectively, and giving equal importance to all subjects. This requires students to work extremely hard to achieve the results that they want to.

But every time the sky isn’t pink,
Some people believe that entrance exams promote unhealthy competition among students. They make students anxious and stressed, instilling a fear of failure in their minds. Some students do tend to suffer a negative impact from these entrance exams, but with proper guidance and counselling, all these negatives can be flipped into positives.

Entrance exams have become a stepping stone into the rest of their lives for students. They provide candidates with an opportunity to make it to their desired higher studies courses, no matter their board results. Therefore, entrance exams have become sort of a household name in the Indian education system