Signs to know if your JEE preparation is on the Right Track.


The preparation phase for one of the most sought-after Engineering Entrance Exams in the county, JEE is crucial. It is as important to remain focused on your goal as it is to analyze if your JEE preparation is falling just right on track.

Increasing or decreasing graph-
You must be practicing a lot of Mock Test Papers. How is your score doing? Is it improving? Is your rank improving in your coaching or school class? If the answer is yes, your graph is towards the positive slope and you will get better with each passing day. If the answer is No, you know what it means. You need to pull your socks up!

Starting with JEE preparation is easy. With time, it’s expected to have some pressure but if you are not able to handle it and are sinking in the pool of depression because of your doubts or uncertainty of clearing the exam, this will hamper your performance more than anything. Being confident is the key. Believe in yourself and rest everything will fall into place.

It generally happens. When “IIT Aspirants” start with their JEE preparation, their life revolves only around their target IIT, nothing more nothing less. After quite a few memory overload incidences and realizing the level of JEE, most of the students shift their focus to a backup plan or what we say “Plan B”. The mentioned shift in motivation is a major pointer that you are no longer on track.

Are you like the many who keep on studying and revising their favorite subjects or the topics you are pro at? Well, neglecting other subjects or topics is never a good idea and you must focus on overcoming your weak points. JEE will test your knowledge and grasp on all three subjects and not just one or two. Make sure you are devoting equal time to all three subjects to not slide off-track.

You know what, JEE preparation phase is not only meant to focus on subject knowledge but also to bloom your mental health. You must learn to be neutral in both situations and never slide away from the set channel to achieve your goal. Do not let your Success or Failure deviate you from the end goal.

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