Is JEE Main and JEE Advance theoretically Different ?


JEE Main and JEE Advanced, both of these exams are in the “High Priority zone” of all engineering or IIT aspirants. Both the exams hold equal importance to get their heads into IIT but the basic difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced is that JEE Main exam is to be cleared to able to sit for the JEE Advanced.

JEE Main acts as a gateway to be eligible for JEE Advanced exam. To understand the pattern and concept-based differences we need to first comprehend what the two exams are all about.

JEE Main Examination: CBSE conducts the JEE Main examination for admission to the premier engineering colleges in India namely NITs, CFTIs, IIITs (Indian Institute of Information Technology), IITs and other state and Government financed Institutions.

JEE Advanced Examination: The JEE Advanced examination is conducted by the IITs. This exam is for admission to the 23 IITs in India. As compared to JEE Main Exam, there is no difference in the amount of syllabus, rather, a difference in the level of questions asked.

The major difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced Paper?

Both the exams test the PCM knowledge of the candidates. While JEE Main is a 3-hour single exam, JEE Advanced consists of two papers of 3 hours each. JEE Advanced is however considered to be more difficult by the IIT aspirants only because of the level of questions asked.

Is JEE Main and JEE Advanced Different?

It will not be false to state that JEE Main and JEE Advanced are not different. The only factor that differentiates the exams based on the concept is that JEE Advanced digs deeper and tests thorough knowledge of the test takers. It is a well-balanced exam that tests in-depth understanding of the concepts as well as analytical thinking of the candidates through the level and framing of the questions.

Also, as per education experts, JEE Advanced is a “Sensible” exam as it tests every facet of your study and your preparation, and not only focuses on textual learning but an in-depth understanding of the concepts. Though both the exams have largely the same syllabus and based on PCM, in JEE Advanced, Concept and Memory play an equally important role.

We wish Good Luck to all the IITJEE aspirants, stay safe and healthy!

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