How To Study For JEE Main In A Home With Family Members?

This is a very important question which is not usually asked but always implied. Many students cannot afford to stay in hostels. They resort to staying with their families and studying from home. During the time of pandemic as well, when hostels are shut down, students have no other choice than to continue their preparation from their homes.

A home with family members will be bound to have loads of distractions, functions, or any other things that may disturb the student. A few things that must be done when the student is at home is as follows:

  • Allot specific amount of time to spend with your family. This is vital to ensure the bond between the student and their family remains strong. Without any bonding activities, the family members may get distrustful of the student. It is very common in India for parents to look up what the student is doing. Sometimes after a long study session, when the student is taking a break, one of the family members may come in and see that the student is not studying, this will cause a uproar where the student has to explain that he/she is taking a break. Such friction between the student and their family members will happen. To avoid that, the student must spend some amount of time with their family members so that they will also be up to speed  in terms of how much the student has prepared.
  • Create an appropriate time schedule. One of the benefits of being at home, is the home made food which is healthy. That is one major upside. So, the time schedule must be changed or updated in such a way that the food timings can be appropriated into it. Not only this, in certain times of the day, there will be a lot of commotion in the house. Depending on that, the time schedule must be changed to having night or early morning study sessions more. This way productive work can be done while avoiding the commotion.

Keeping the family constantly informed about the studies is vital in a contemporary Indian setting. This is because the family will either get worried when the student is studying for long hours into the night or will either get suspicious when it happens. To clear all their doubts and worries, it is important to tell them what is happening with their studies. Many will understand and will leave the student alone and try not to make a commotion so that the student will have a peaceful environment to study.