A lot of students are afraid of the subject SCIENCE! But it is a very easy subject for a grade 7 student. Checkout the article for more info.

A lot of students are afraid of the subject SCIENCE! But it is a very easy subject for a grade 7 student. Since you don’t have boards, there is no need to worry. Just follow the steps that I mentioned below and you will do very well in your exams.


A few tips to help you prepare well for your science exam-

1- pay attention in your classes

Kids tend to not pay proper attention in class and then they are unable to understand the concepts clearly. Make sure you pay attention to your teacher in class and ask questions to them in case you have any doubts.

2- Attend your classes regularly

Go to school and attend your classes regularly. By doing so you won’t have to go to additional coaching classes and spend more of your time there. For class 7th students classroom studies are more than enough.

3- Study from your NCERTs

NCERTs are more than enough for your science exam. No need to worry about additional coaching material or help books. Make sure you complete your NCERTs properly and you will do well.

4- Clear your doubts

Clear your doubts if you have any. Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers. You can also use apps like doubt buddy to solve your doubts at the ease of your own home. Doubtbuddy is the best doubt-solving platform where you can get instant solutions to all your doubts and can connect with the best tutors anytime via chat, audio, or video calls.

5- Revise your topics

Make sure to revise whatever you have learned. As a 7th grader, you will easily forget things and in order to retain any information, you have to revise regularly.

Especially if you have planned on taking science after high school, make sure you focus on the subject properly in order to strengthen your foundation. Solve as many questions as you can, practice diagrams, and study the concepts in depth. Follow the tips mentioned above and you will score great in your exams.

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