How to approach IITJEE Questions?


IIT conducts JEE every year to admit aspirants to several IITs located across the country. Students, who wish to get admitted to any of the top IITs have to clear IIT JEE with a top score. They have to get a minimum score called cut- off score to have any chance of advancing to the next stage. JEE is conducted in two phases; JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students should qualify JEE Mains to advance to appear for JEE Advanced.

Below are few steps to approach the Exam as suggested by top IITians and faculties-

  • Read the chapter in NCERT text books first. This way, you’ll get a basic conceptual understanding of the content of the chapter.
  • Move on to slightly higher level reference books and revise the concepts. Make notes!
  • Once you’re absolutely thorough with the concept, go back to the NCERT books and look through the questions in the end. You don’t need to solve them all.
  • Try and start off with the low-level problems in the reference books and move onto previous years’ questions.
  • Get your doubts cleared even if they feel like small ones.
  • Spend as much time as you can solving questions and clearing doubts that will arise when you do.
  • A month or two before the exam, stop with finding new questions and go back to your notes. Read them thoroughly and revise the problems in your mind.
  • Try and sleep on them, keep actively thinking about them but don’t over-strain yourself
  • A week before the exam, put everything away and just focus on maintaining a sharp mind through the test.

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