Electromagnetism And Electric Current – All you need to know

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Electric current

Electromagnetism, as the name suggests, involves having electric charges and magnetism. This is not only limited to this but also the current electricity. This is the second most important topic for JEE Main Physics. It carries a lot of marks and is deemed to be highly important. These are generally topics where aspirants will find it hard to understand and grasp the concepts. You have to spend extra time on these to understand and solve till you are perfect completely.

What books should you refer to ?

It is not necessary to have a basic understanding before starting this chapter. Every book out there will start with the basics. So I would personally suggest you study from :

  1. HC Verma: Concepts of Physics by HC Verma provides all the topics you must familiarize yourself with from the basics to the tough objective questions.
  2. DC Pandey: This book is a collection of important questions from various other authors and as such, solving these questions while reading HC Verma will be pretty good preparation for this topic under JEE Main.

For solving tough JEE Advanced level problems, I suggest  Cengage Electrostatics & Current Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetics Induction. Once you have the basics of all the subtopics under your grasp, it would be advisable only then to start with the above-mentioned book as it has a lot of questions that require you to apply multiple concepts to solve them

My personal experience:

I found that reading HC Verma and solving questions from the Cengage books will be really fruitful and motivating as I first used to learn the concepts from the HC Verma book. Then I used to go to the Cengage book, open the respective subtopic under which I was learning, copy down the first 5 questions and solve them.

Unfortunately, for some problems in the exercises mentioned, I didn’t get the answers. So, I used to search for the answer on the internet. It used to be a waste of my time as I used to spend about 30 minutes on each question I didn’t get, and sometimes I would not get any solutions. This would be a major demotivator as there would no steps for the solutions. 

But now, there is an app called “Doubtbuddy,” which basically helps you step up your IIT JEE preparation. You can click a picture of the doubt, upload it to the app, and then a professional tutor will get back to you instantly with the solution and the steps to get that solution. Any questions regarding that question will be solved instantly. This will help you a lot in your preparation.

Download the app : https://bit.ly/3vGXhi7